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    Regina Maria Policlinici Bucharest, Romania With 20 years of experience, Regina Maria is the largest private health care network in Romania, which consist of many multi-specialty clinics in Bucharest and the country, and more than associate of multi-specialty clinics all over the country.

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    Regina Maria have four hospitals: Brasov Obstetrics-Gynecology and Pediatrics Hospital, this hospital in Brasov is a part of its local medical campus which also consist of a medical laboratory and a clinic. Baneasa Hospital, this de la doctor varicose is committed to provide health care services and support for both mother and child in the de la doctor varicose place.

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    Euroclinic Hospital, a combined team of professional doctors is make available in this hospital, to provide expert medical services taking advantage of modern medical technologies and equipment. Two Maternity Hospitals: Bucharest Maternity, committed of provide care and expertize to both mother and child.

    Brasov Maternity, this maternity hospital use both French and German inspired medical techniques to provide comfort and therapies for mothers, complying with modern maternities in Europe.

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    This medical campus offers comprehensive medical serviceetc. Additionally, is also accommodate 11 imaging centers. InRegina Maria became the foremost private healthcare provider to introduce the concept of medical subscriptions stretching from occupational medicine, family medicine, primary medicine, pre-hospital services, outpatient treatment to emergency and hospitalization, with overcurrently.

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    Regina Maria initiate the Private Care Clinic an exclusive and unique concept in Romania, whereby medical services are personalized and tailored to the needs of the patient.

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